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hi, i'm tameka norris and today we'll be talkingabout small coffee tables with storage. small coffee tables with storage creates hiddenstorage space in small homes small storage coffee tables, by any means,aren't the smallest tables around. what makes them advantageous in small spaces is how theyare used, not what size they are. it's the ability to assign other items a locationinside the table that make it special. in short, small coffee tables with storageare organizational items that are used to keep utter chaos from ensuing around yourhome. most coffee tables come with some type ofstorage space. however, not all choices are hidden storage solutions. the option you choosewill depend on whether or not you reap this

type of reward. small storage coffee tables come with variousfeatures. sometimes these features are exclusive and other times they're combined to createa versatile solution that will take care of many of your organizational needs. various storage features that you should beaware of that keep clutter at bay and order restored are drawers, doors, and lift-up tops. let's take a closer look at the benefits eachof these features can offer you. small storage coffee tables with drawers small storage coffee tables with drawers allowyou to store smaller where-the-heck-did-i-put-that-darn...

[fill in the blank] items inside. typically personal items work really wellhere. items that work wonderfully are remote controls, keys, pens, letters, notepads andtons of miscellaneous items that would be lying around your home, ready to trash itup at the blink of an eye. in studio apartments or lofts where spaceis really tight and you have to be inventive, if the coffee table includes enough spacewithin the drawers, the table can be designated a lingerie chest and undergarments can bestored inside. if the table is also a lift-top coffee tablethat you plan to use as a dining table, then kitchen utensils can be stored inside if spaceis unusually tight and inventiveness requires

you to think outside-of-the-box. small storage coffee tables with lift-up tops the favorite among storage coffee tables aresmallcoffee table trunks with lids that lift up. these tables allow you to store medium tolarge items inside. generally, personal items work best with smallstorage coffee tables. items that typically work well for these type of coffee tablescan range anywhere from seasonal clothing to blankets, towels and sheets. if the coffee table is compartmentalized,then it can be used to store anything from socks, underwear, and shoes to hats.

designating your coffee table a toy trunkis also an inventive option for small homes with young children and limited space. a worthy point to remember with storage tableswith lifting lids is you'll have to remove any items you place on top of the table inorder to gain access to the items inside. so, it's always a good idea to gauge how oftenyou'll need to get inside of the coffee table. if it's rare, then it's safe to add a decentamount of decor on top. if it's often, then you may want to keep decor to a minimum sothat you're not frustrated with the process of removing the things on top each time youwant to grab something inside of the table. small storage coffee tables with shelving

small storage coffee tables with shelvingmay or may not include doors. if doors aren't included then it's an open-concept optionwhere items stored will be visible rather than hidden. however, if more secrecy is preferred, andthere's enough height between shelves, cubbies may be placed on top of the shelves and youcan place items inside. this type of table allows you to store mediumto small items inside. typically, office supplies work well withthis type of coffee table. you can store anything from paper reams to files and possibly evena laptop computer or tablet. books may also be a consideration. entertainment items, likedvds or games also work wonderfully with storage

coffee tables with shelving. store anything you want on top of the coffeetable since access to your supplies are accomplished through the side of the coffee table and won'tinterfere with decor placed on top.

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